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Project Leher is an end-to-end solution to irresponsibly flicked, toxic cigarette butt waste management. It aims to create a sustained collection chain and recycle cellulose acetate (core of the cigarette butt) into a diverse product after chemical cleansing. Smokers around the globe buy roughly 6.3 trillion cigarette butts that are thrown into the environment every year, (that’s approximately 18 billion every day) making it the world’s most littered waste. 

Our Process

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The Butt Brigade

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Recycling cigarette butts, made easy!



We provide you with a mechanism to responsibly dispose off and recycle your cigarette waste! 
We offer customised solutions for storing your cigarette waste in a hassle-free manner, which is then picked up from your doorstep for further recycling! Easy, isn't it?

Our Products

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Planter Pots

Made from recycled waste

Planter Pots

(Made from 100% Detoxified Cigarette Butt Waste)


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Round Ashtray


Handcrafted Round Ashtray

(Made from 100% Cigarette Butt Waste)


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Triangular Ashtray

100% cigarette waste

Handcrafted Boat Ashtray

(Made from 100% Detoxified Cigarette Butt Waste)



68 people employed & 4,30,000+ people senitised about cigarette waste 

Increased potters’ income by 66% &

cost savings of 300,000 USD!

Prevented 276.6 tonnes of carbon emissions through collection of

19,700,000+ cigarette butts

Prevented 19.7 million+ butts from entering the oceans, thus saving 9.8 billion litres of water 

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Dr. Bhupesh Sharma

Scientist SRIIR

Its inspiring to see these kids’ enthusiasm to solve such a grave problem which surprisingly no one talks about. I am sure with joint efforts we will together curb this menace.

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Dia Mirza

UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador

It’s a very big problem. We found cigarette butts on the ocean floor. There is something called Extended Producer Responsibility & I totally believe that the industry should be made accountable for the environmental hazards of cigarette butts. I am glad you’re doing something to tackle it!

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Rajiv Jha

Waste Segregator

I am forever grateful to these children. I was unemployed but now I can earn & support my house by segregating cigarette butts, from the comfort of my household. God bless them!

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Vishal Gore


Cigarette butt waste is a menace that was not being properly handled by any organization in India. However, the Butt Brigade is doing some great work under the domain. Their service is prompt and professional. I'm really glad to do my bit!

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In October 2021, Project Leher qualified as one of 4 projects to be represented at Global Finals of 1 Race 4 Oceans. The constant efforts and hardwork of the team, helped us emerge as the Global Champions for the competition!  We are extremely grateful to our project beneficiaries, partners and communities for their constant support in our journey to rethink cigarette butts and contribute towards protecting our oceans!​


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Dalberg is plastic and carbon neutral company pledged to protect our climate. Leher's constant and prolonged efforts to save the environment from the hazards of irresponsibly flicked and reduce carbon emissions have been appreciated by the Global Climate and innovation hub at Dalberg. Their support in our journey of creating impact has motivated us to not only expand this cause but also inspire the NextGen leaders!

Letter of Recommendation from Dalberg

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