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Past Projects
Happy Communities because of Enactus SRCC
Impacted Communities due to Enactus SRCC
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Sowing seeds of Prosperity

Farmers' Market is an initiative to uplift small and marginal farmers by directly connecting them to the consumer through the setting up of temporary farmer’s markets in residential complexes.

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Nidaan Laao, Rog Mittao

Nidaan, a research pilot project conducted in the health sector, aimed at improving last mile connectivity to primary healthcare by setting up a network of telemedicine clinics and diagnostic 


Churning Purity Into Progress

Project Sattva is an initiative to bring efficiency in India’s dairy sector and improve rural livelihoods by rearing of high yielding cattle and value addition to milk through a mutually beneficial relationship.

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Pulling the Strings of Change

Project Kayakalp aims to empower traditional puppeteers and expand their income generation possibilities by making their art relevant to contemporary audiences and capitalising on unexplored markets.

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Repossessing Respect

Project Azmat is an endeavour to liberate the Manual Scavengers by providing them a sustainable source of livelihood through development of a micro-enterprise and to facilitate construction of proper toilet systems.

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Life On Wheels

Let them own, what they owe

Project Life On Wheels facilitates micro-credit for rickshaw pullers, enabling them to own their rickshaws and free themselves from exploitation by contractors.

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Reclaiming lives, the culinary way

Project Aahaar is an initiative to rehabilitate underprivileged women by providing them with culinary training and enabling them to market their acquired skills in order to transform them into successful entrepreneurs in the culinary business.

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