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There are several studies establishing that people exposed to solid fuel and kerosene use for both heating home and cooking showed significant associations with TB.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine wreaked havoc on energy markets, but there are silver linings, such as an accelerated transition to green energy! Prices for fossil fuels are rising, but so is funding for renewables. Although coal is making a comeback, renewables have the strategic advantage..

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Germany has voiced its last-minute opposition to a landmark EU law that would prohibit the sale of CO2-emitting automobiles by 2035. It has demanded that new cars with internal combustion engines be sold after that time if they use e-fuels.

India's new climate action commitments show that the country is serious about addressing the climate crisis. Additionally, by taking on more than its fair share of the burdens and positioning itself as a voice for developing countries demanding that wealthy nations fulfil their financial commitments, India has given wealthy nations a diplomatic advantage.

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